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Custom Fields For Properties

With Wp Estate you can define your own details for the properties you list. There are 2 ways to add such custom fields

  1. Via “Custom Fields” Interface – here you add the new fields via a friendly interface and for each field you can give a custom name, label, select the data type and pick the order in the submission list.
  2. Via  “Features and Amenities” Interface. These fields are a simplified version of the custom fields and have only yes/no value. You can choose if you wish to show all features and amenities or just those checked.

screencapture from “Custom Fields” interface


screencapture from “Features and Amenities” interface

All the fields added as custom fields are available in:

  • front end submission form
  • advanced search form (you must enable the use of custom fields)
  • property page
custom fields

screencapture from  a property page

search shortcode

screencapture from an advanced search form


screencapture from “submit property” interface